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Information how to buy a real-estate in Sweden.
   (In general and "step by step")

( Observe !  Changes due new laws, regulations etc.)

- EKEBY makes all paperwork regarding applications, forms & personal contacts
  with authorities etc
- We help with translation of contracts and other formalities if needed. (Extra charge)
- We will also help you open an bank-account, to get an insurance for your property etc.   
  (included in our administration cost)
- We could also help you to contact a swedish bank for loans, bank-accounts  etc.


1.   You have decided to buy that house in sweden.
2.   We collect personal information from you as name, adress, birthdate etc.
3.   We contact the central-real-estate-register to control that everything is OK 
      concerning owners, loans, taxvalue, mortgage, easements etc.
4:1  We make a contract that you control and, when accepted, sign.
4:2  You send the first payment (deposit) to our customers-account.
      (Normally 10% of full price, min. 48.500 SEK)
5.   Ekeby sends you the application-form for acqusition of a real-estate in sweden,
      to be signed and returned.
6.   You send to Ekeby an provement of impunity (straffrihetsbevis/lämplighetsintyg) 
      toghether with the application-form.
7.   Ekeby will prepare and apply for you to buy a house in sweden
8:1  When your application is accepted, within ca.2-6 weeks, we will go further and
       make the final contract called "purchase deed"(köpebrev). It is a provemet for
       you being the legal owner and also a receipt for full payment.
8:2  When the  purchase-deed (köpebrevet) is signed, must the full payment be
       aviable for the seller
9.   When  8:1 & 8:2 is done will Ekeby help you to send all formalities necesserly for 
      registration  in the Real-Estate-Register (Fastighetsregistret).
10. Within 2 to 4 weeks will your provement of registration be completed and Ekeby
      will send it to you.

(Payment for application fees and registration-costs plus administration cost will
be regulated together will your full payment, 8:1 & 8:2 )

For more information, please contact Ekeby !
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